AG action in Michigan


Continuing the discussion from California Attorney General Action: Hey @KWeihl! I’m from Michigan too! I’m going to resend a letter to our AG regarding my wife’s debt with EDMC! ( I already sent several things to our former Republican AG, but the response was lackluster to say the least.) Nice to see you all @Ann_Larson @Laura_Hanna @Sanders @Ami_Schneider @Kim_Bailey @Kim_Tran @Kim_Bailey ! This is my first post! :grinning:


Yay!!! Happy you are back in action!!


Hi Robbie! Good to see you here! Let’s def. get the AG Action out to our AI, ITT, Corinthian networks.


It’s letting me reply now! Nice. The button was missing so I couldn’t comment on the California AG thread. Yes, we are starting to talk over posts and we can make in the groups to get some traction on letter campaigns. The California AG letter will be expanded to other states, focusing on Dem AGs. Were having some good ideas in a working group we set up for how to best accomplish getting people to rally around this on FB.


I’m in Michigan as well and would like some info on this


Awesome Ryan! Check back here soon, I’m going to be posting info in the facebook groups as well!


@Laura_Hanna, I texted @Christina_Hammond and let her know of our upcoming work on this in Michigan. We’re all on board on this action.


I would love to collaboratively help where I can - please keep me updated on next steps!


I’m using the template as we speak to make one for our AG. Check this out @KWeihl, I found out how to search all the people in individual states in the FB groups. This may be helpful @Laura_Hanna @Ann_Larson @Thomas_Gokey in getting some outreach for these AG letters. We can search any FB group by state or city, I’m sharing how to do this in a post soon. This is going to be great for organizing with these AGs.





Hey @Robbie_Tribble for some reason I thought you lived in CA. I’m sorry about that.

I think it is awesome that you can find people from different states on FB.

I’m going to be adding some new templates for different states soon. I can try to start with MI. Adapting the templates is easy and quick. The tricky thing is trying to identify the correct contact person in each state to have people send these letters.


We have an entirely new FB Argosy Group with 1700 people that formed in just the last month as well, I’m doing outreach with the admins to point them in the right direction. I just found out about this group yesterday.

Link for Michigan residents in this group :


Wow, this is great. Thanks, Robbie. Let’s get some letters going!


Hey @Robbie_Tribble I’ve got the Michigan AG action up here: Michigan Attorney General Action

I’ve rewritten the template to try to really drive home early what it is specifically we are demanding (a group wide discharge application).

Can you start recruiting everyone from MI from the various Facebook groups to help get all of them to send this letter?

We could also use more letters from Wisconsin Wisconsin Attorney General Action

and Connecticut Connecticut Attorney General Action

We don’t have any leads at all within the AG offices from those states, and having more letters sent might help us get a response.

I will be adding additional states soon. Thank you!!!

Creating New Attorney General Actions!

I can’t seem to comment on the new post @Thomas_Gokey, but my wife and I have sent in our letter. Thank you for the help Thomas. :heart: :crossed_fingers:


Working on New Jersey in the same way Robbie. Thanks for all the hard word.