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Our platform is an experiment in a new kind of organizing. For years, we have said “Alone Our Debts are a Burden, but Together They Make Us Powerful”. This platform is our effort to bring different people together from across the country who are all in debt so we can fight back - together.

Borrower Defense to Repayment (DTR)

This is the place to talk about all things related to the borrower defense to repayment (DTR) process.

Cancel Student Debt and win #CollegeForAll

We are organizing to win full student debt cancellation for everyone and fully fund all public schools.

Housing and Rent Debt

This collective is for anyone who went into debt for a place to live.


If you have something to share but it doesn’t seem to fit any of the other categories post it here.

News and Media

Here we’ll publish news articles and studies relevant to debt and debt resistance of all kinds.


This is where we post fun stuff, stress relievers, and random positivity. We take care of each other and share our joy.

Introduce yourself

This is a place for newcomers to say hello, and for the rest of us to serve as a welcoming committee. Tell us a little bit about yourself, share your debt story, ask your questions, and get plugged in.

Political Education

This is the place to find and share resources, videos, books, and more about debt resistance, social movements, racial and economic justice, etc.

Disputing Your Debt

Are you being hassled by a debt collector? Are your wages, taxes or social security being garnished? The Debt Collective has some tools to help dispute some kinds of debt depending on the circumstances, but we can all support each other and find options for what to do based on your situation.

Working groups

Interested in getting more involved in the Debt Collective? Join a working group! Check out this doc for more info on our different groups and how to join! This space is for us to coordinate & talk to each other, too!