Welcome to The Debt Collective!

Thank you for joining the platform where we work together to challenge financial elites, win debt relief and make a better world for all of us.

The moderation team is dedicated to providing a positive organizing experience for everyone.
We aim to create a supportive environment for organizing together. To support our goals, we ask everyone to follow these general rules:

  • Be supportive of each other, help one another
  • Criticize ideas, not people
  • Contribute organizing ideas
  • Contribute skill sets
  • Flag bad behavior
  • Practice shared decision making

Let’s get specific

Collectives will be heavily moderated to encourage more people to participate. We will work to translate material into Spanish but are currently operating in English. Only organizers working with the debt collective will have access to the information that members provide. Personal attacks and racist, sexist homophobic or other degrading comments are not permitted. You may be removed immediately, without warning, for this behavior.

What material is acceptable to post?

We encourage posts and links related to different debt and creditor issues. We don’t use trigger or spoiler warnings. Promotional material will be removed. People who are not who they claim to be will be removed. Falsehoods or unsubstantiated claims will be dealt with by moderators. Someone posting the same banned comment or material repeatedly will be removed.

How will rule-breaking behavior be handled?

Members can flag rule-breaking behavior for the moderator to review. Moderators enforce the rules. Misinformation will be removed and repeated posts of misinformation will get an account banned.

What does a ‘good’ online community look like?

A good online environment looks like people sharing information and working together. Good members will coordinate to create campaigns and help others with debt disputes. Members support one another, build knowledge together and work together to challenge the status quo.

How will rules be enforced?

If a community rule is broken you will receive a warning. If there is a second infraction, you will be muted to review your behavior for 24 hours. The third time you will be removed from the community.

We want to hear from you!

You can always reach out to a moderator or email us at: admin@debtcollective.org