Creating New Attorney General Actions!


Hey everyone! Just to let people know, anyone can create a new thread with an updated Google doc for State AGs not mentioned here yet.

Here’s @Thomas_Gokey explaining how to best do this :

I think some outreach with local reps will also help us here. There is a “Town Hall” feature on facebook that allows people to contact their reps in a few clicks. The easier we make this for people, the better, but we also need hard workers both on this platform and on FB to make this happen. We can then share these threads to FB with the included update Google doc. I suggest copying one of Thomas’ posts, and adding the correct info for your state.

Good Luck Everyone! Let’s get this train moving!


I am wondering how to find a list of all the Attorney General emails so we can push all Attorney Generals. Many people want to send out letters to their AG’s just need more help with creating the actions for states not listed yet. Please help


@Christina_Hammond I think Thomas has started working on gather this information. Maybe a few of us could help. We should be able to google the office information, then call and ask who to address and what email. (if it is not already listen on a web page.)
I am willing to help out.

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Hey @Christina_Hammond! Nice to see you here! I posted a list of all the contact info for all state AGs this morning! All State Attorneys General Contact Info!

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