Private Student Loan Dispute- Group Call-March 13, 2019


We are hosting a community call with members to discuss the current climate around Private Student Loans and the process of disputing these loans.

We would like to encourage any member that has filed a PSL dispute to join us. We will discuss current outcomes/ or lack of outcomes, why loans are not being discharges and come up with new ideas to continue to push back against these predatory debts.

**We will have 2 calls on Wednesday March 13th. **
12pm est (9am pst)
8pm est (5pm pst)

Can you make the call? Please post below what session you will attend so we can get a list. This will help us facilitate the call.

[Call in details will be provided before the call. Please be sure to check back here for this information.]


I will be on for the 5pm call what are my steps ?


I can make the 8pm est/5pm pst call


We will post more information before the call. Check back Tuesday evening for the dial-in information.



I’ll be on that evening call, thanks for organizing this. There’s been a lot of confusion and questions on this and what we can do. We see a lot of this in the I am Ai Facebook page.



Check the times again


I will be on the 8pm EST call! Thank you for this…


I am being told there are many people who cannot make the call, will you have a recorded session perhaps? Or an alternate time after this one? Thank you! Kim


I can’t make either of those times. Will there be a posting about what was said for those that can’t make it?


Hi @KWeihl we will schedule more of these calls. And also post notes from the call.


@Heatherp , Yes. And we will start having more of these calls to make it easier for others to join and discuss.


Hello! I hope to make the evening call. Thank you for organizing this.


i am not able to attend on Wednesdays.


I’ll be on the 8pm call


I can make the 12pm call.


I would like to be included in the early call. Pls send or post dial-in instructions.


I would love to join in on the 12 pm call. How do join the call? Thank you so much!


I will be joining the 8pm EST call. Please send call in info when available. Thanks for organizing!


Any updates on this?


Here is the call in details and an agenda.

Dial In #1-302-202-1118
Conference Pin# 962978


  1. Introduction- Name, location, school associated to PSL
  2. Quick report back from TDC Dispute Pro
  3. Open up call to debtors. What has their experience been?
  4. How can we make these calls useful?
    (should we hold monthly calls?)
  5. Brainstorm next steps on collective action.