Private Student Loan Dispute- Group Call-March 13, 2019


@Amydvargas I just posted the call in details for tomorrow.


@MistyD The call in details are posted now.


We are on the morning call now, we will post notes after the call.

Also, we will look to scheduling more calls very soon.


Here is the dial in details for evening call for Private Student Loans.
8pm (EST)

Dial In #1-302-202-1118
Conference Pin# 962978


  • Introduction- Name, location, school associated to PSL
  • Quick report back from TDC Dispute Pro
  • Open up call to debtors. What has their experience been?
  • How can we make these calls useful?
  • (should we hold monthly calls?)
  • Brainstorm next steps on collective action.



I plan to be on the 8pm call. Erin


I will be in the call tonight at 8 EST


I cant get in to the call. Its telling me invalid code

Edit: i did end up getting in after posting this. Can’t wait to have more calls and organize!


Hi this is Erin. I want to say thank you to all of you who were on the call last night.

Feel free to reach out for help editing op eds. I will look into writing one soon and would love to run it by someone from this group.

I am training to become a peer advocate for mental health, but it is a model used for all kinds of things and might be very useful in this work as well, especially all the negative outcomes that are side effects of dealing with financial stress.


Thank you to everyone who joined.
We will post back notes and I will also create a doodle poll to see about scheduling another call in a few week.