DeVos reaches settlement lawsuit

I just read this article, which I thought I’d share on the forum.


I don’t believe she will do anything. With this pandemic going-on and shut down, she will say she couldn’t do it due to all this economic madness.

The settlement is good news, but it isn’t a silver bullet by any means.

What the settlement does is force the Department of Education to actually process all pending defense to repayment applications. They had been just delaying indefinitely. They can’t do that anymore. They will either need to discharge the debt, or deny it, although the Department is still trying to get away with doing just partial discharges in some cases.

The bad news here is that a lot of people who should get their debts discharged will be denied, and then we will need to wait for a new wave of legal challenges to start. It is a long fight. But this settlement is one small battle that debtors have won.