BDR denied i can request another review

My BDR was denied, one issue i had while filling out my BDR was when i dragged and dropped items, i couldnt see what i placed in there, then when i called to have someone look into my application, all they could really tell me was that it was in the que, they couldnt tell me what was in my BDR as far as things that i attached to it. I’m upset because i was duped into signing up with them and now i have a useless certificate and a loan, that i had actually paid off the borrowed amount. But because of interest i still owe almost 10k.

Hi @Ed1979, the lawyers at Harvard’s Project on Predatory Student Lending have an FAQ up for people in your situation here: Borrower Defense FAQ | Predatory Student Lending

Can you forward your denial notification from FSA to me at thomas [at] debtcollective [dot] org and I will send it to the lawyers at Harvard. They want to see as many of these denials as possible to explore what potential legal challenges might exist.

Will do Thomas! Thanks!!

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Hey Thomas, I hope this email finds you well, I know you are in NY like me and we have been hit hard by COVID 19. Have you heard anything from the Harvard lawyers? Is there someone I can call as far as some local politician? I am not familiar with the political hierarchy and don’t know who to contact for something like this, In my situation, I have paid back more than the amount that I have borrowed, but because of interest, I still owe over 8k, and I feel I shouldn’t of had to pay any of it back because my school lied to me about getting the program I was looking for(ultrasound tech) when I was looking for schools in that vocation(I visited 3 other schools). So now i am stuck with a useless certificate and I have not worked in that field(medical assisting) since 2014. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be safe!

If you have federal direct loans can contact your servicer and request a six month emergency forbearance. No interest will accrue for the time being.

We need to organize to win mass cancellation. Strike your debt:

Call Schumer and Gillibrand & your Rep in Congress and demand full student debt cancellation as a part of additional stimulus that is needed: Organizing to win "College For All" in New York

Thanks Thomas!! Will do!! I emailed my congressman and another local politician, ill email Schumer and Gillibrand tomorrow, yes they need to do more. Thanks again and be safe!!