Anyone who wants to fill out an application for Borrowers Defense better file before July 1, 2020

If you are serious about trying to get your Student loan debt discharged by the Department of Education, under Borrowers Defense. Then you better fill out the application before
July 1, 2020. That’s when the new rules established by the Department of Education goes into effect, and that’s when the Department of Education will deny any claims that haven’t been submitted. You may miss out if any law passes canceling student loan debts unless you filed an application before July 1, 2020. Don’t wait until its too late


Thank you, Melva!!!



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I filled mine out years ago, should I refile it?

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Hi can you share the link to fill out the application?

Yes! Thank you, Melva, for that post!

Is there a link?

Mahalō for the info, can you send a link please for all of us to obtain this option please :sunglasses::pray:t3::call_me_hand:t3:

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Please can you tell me where I find this application? Thank you!

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I found this by googling it

Haha we posted pretty much the same time :blush:

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What is a valid reason to use for how the school misled us or violated certain laws? I want to make sure I have a good reason on the application.

Hello fellow Resisters, I’ve heard about Borrowers Defense for years but always thought the criteria so narrow not worth the trouble. I’ve never met anyone who had their loans discharged through this avenue so that makes me think that the application rarely results in discharge. A small loophole. Am I wrong?

I’d like to find a savvy pro-bono advisor that wants to take on a project and incubate a group of us through the process and see if we can create narratives that fit into the criteria that actually results in discharge. Acting as individuals doesn’t make any sense, we don’t have to keep re-creating the wheel, if you know what I mean. Plus, it’s more fun together.


Got a letter from DoE stating that they approved my DtR application. Only 10% will be forgiven. Is this normal? Why not 100?

Why only 10%, they break it down? That is so idiotic Betsy Devos is trolling you.
What school did you attend?

That’s what I thought. Something about, “We calculated how much you COULD have made, had you gone to another school instead, using average wage guidelines…blah blah blah…”

WyoTech (Corinthian)

After seeing that 10%, i don’t have high hopes for my DTR.
The entire global system as a whole is Indentured servitude, it’s what they want.
All we want is to better our selves individually and look at the result, they perverse justice, a mockery of the pursuit of happiness, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Reminds me of the TV show “Continuum.”