18,000 borrower defense claims for ITT students just got approved

The Department of Education just announced that 18,000 former ITT students have gotten their borrower defense to repayment applications approved. In total this is another $500 million of debt.

@for_profit_colleges please let us know if you attended ITT!


This is great news!

As with past announcements like this, I expect the follow-through from the Department of Education to be messy, and we need to make sure that people don’t fall through the cracks.

It sounds like roughly half of the people who got approved for 100% discharge back in March have still not been notified. So it could take several months before they actually notify all 18,000 people, and I worry they might not ever notify some people.

There is also a question for what to do if you have older FFEL loans (federal student loans from before 2010). I will try to seek clarification from the Department as to what to do for FFEL loans. In the past the Department has required people in this situation to consolidate their FFEL loans into direct loans in order to facilitate the discharge. As far as I know, that is still the case, but I will seek clarification.

This is great news and it is time to celebrate!!! We will continue fighting to until all debt is cancelled, and we will continue to be vigilant to make sure they follow-through. But it is also important to relish these victories and celebrate them when they come.


I went to ITT in California from 2002 to 2004. Will I get that debt forgiven?

But they sure have no problems figuring out how to notify multiple collection agencies and credit bureaus if you’re more than two months behind on payments….

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This is good news, hope alta colleges debts get considered to get wiped out in the future.
HECK all defunct schools debt should be extinct.

I attended ITT tech. I called the Dept of Ed this morning. My borrower’s defense to repayment application is still in ‘review’ status. They also stated that they were not notified from the President that this was happening. I sure hope my loans get wiped.

This is great news! Congrats to ITT folks. I am still waiting for the official announcement from the DOE on my 100% discharge for CCI. I haven’t received anything yet. I did refi my FFEL loans to direct loans. Last week, the DOE did apply the original 10% discharge to my new direct loans.

I took a look at my Great Lakes account and they both say Direct Consolidation loans. I am hoping this qualifies. I went to ITT Tech from 2005-2008. I have not paid a dime in probably 10 years. And I refuse to make any payments. I am currently listed in the coronavirus forbearance. I have put in for DTR twice. Originally, I had called the DOE a few months after submitting the first DTR and they said they couldn’t find any information on it. So I submitted it again. Took a look today and again it shows no application found under my account, so I am applying once again. GRRRR

While I don’t think this will apply to me since I attended ITT from 2003 -2005. Congrats to these folks. Gives me hope that something will get done eventually. Not sure what’s going on with my DTR. Tried going to the DOE website but that’s a nightmare.

Wow! that is great news!!! The Power of the People!

My husband and I both attended ITT in Ca in 2001. Does this only apply to more recent claims? How do I check on my claim? Thank you for keeping us updated.

My claim was submitted in early 2016 during the Obama administration. I attended ITT 2005-2009. I’m not holding my breath and won’t believe any of this until my account says “$0.00 owed”. Plus I have a feeling they won’t take care of any ITT students that attended the school prior to it closing.

Seth Pontiff

Thank you,a question does this also involve Art Institute of Philadelphia?


Fantastic news! Do you know of any source where I can check to see when/if my claim is going to be discharged? I graduated ITT in 2009 and put in an application 3 years ago to have my loans discharged so naturally I want to stay on top of this. Any advice?

Many thanks!!

I attended itt tech how do I know if I’m one of the ones to get relief

I attended ITT. How are people being notified?

Same. I called them the day this was announced and my application is still under review. Same results as when I called them 4 months ago :woman_facepalming:

Hi @for_profit_colleges

Here is a bit of an update with what we know and don’t know at the moment.

The big question that all ITT students have is how to tell if you are included in this latest announcement. The truth is that at the moment there isn’t a way to tell. The only thing we can say definitively right now is that anyone who attended ITT who previously got their DTR denied is not included in this announcement (although there is reason to hope & keep fighting!)

As many of you know, the Borrower Defense Hotline is pretty useless. They won’t be able to tell you whether you are included or not.

The Department of Education says they will start notifying people soon. But based on our past experience we know that can take a long time, and a lot of people can fall through the cracks. In March the Department announced 72,000 people were getting 100% discharge and many of them (maybe even as many as half) have not been notified yet three months later. So it could take many months for them to notify you.

So what can you do? It might be worthwhile to call the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman’s office and ask them if you are included: 1-877-557-2575
I want to be clear about what you can expect when you do this. I don’t think the Ombudsman’s office will be able to give you an answer. The reason to do this is that unlike calling the hotline, this might get the attention of the Department of Education. If you ask to open a case file it will create a papertrail. Don’t let them refer you to the Borrower Defense Hotline. Tell them clearly that the hotline does not have any information and that you want to open a case file with the Ombudsman’s office to make sure you get a clear answer.

Here is more info about the Ombudsman’s office:



I just filed a complaint on their website and added my Borrower’s Defense to Repayment application number.

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Hey Thomas,
I sincerely believe this will be the last action Biden will take pertaining to student loan forgiveness. He may extend the pause on student loan collection which will then pretty much solidify that he will do nothing further, or he would cancel by executive order.
I am wondering if you have heard anything about the bankruptcy laws changing, allowing student loans to be claimed in bankruptcy?
Thank you for your time.

Have you heard any news on former students that attended Corinthian College. I went to Branford Hall in Springfield Mass.
My borrower defence application was up for review a few weeks ago. I am so jealous, but happy for all of the ITT students. Congratulations to all of you.
I hope to GOD we’re next.