18,000 borrower defense claims for ITT students just got approved

This is excellent and I sincerely appreciate you answering me to the best of your abilities. Many thanks Thomas!!

Just tried calling the number, at 4:30pm on Monday June 21. It states their contact center is currently closed, but is open Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm Eastern Time, then it hung up on me.

Even if I hit 2 for spanish, it just gives me the same info.

I will try again tomorrow morning and see if anything changes.

Uhg, I’m sorry. Everything at the Department of Education is broken.

Harvard’s Project on Predatory Student Lending just published an FAQ about the recent ITT announcement:

Everytime I call they say my claim is involved in the class action lawsuit Sweet vs Cardona. They say they can’t give me any information until the case is resolved. I went to ITT in Ohio from 2014-2015.


Does this include recompense of qualified monies paid on said debt under the original BDR standards or is this cancellation of outstanding debt only?

If it is the latter then I have to say in regards to the DoE’s efforts…

Still fleeced and well forgotten w/ thousands of dollars less in my bank account.

Forgive the rudeness, but count me out of celebrating another empty achievement by the DoE to make my imaginary leger of illegitimate debt go ‘POOF!’ while they continue to chop up the $18k I paid into it right to my face so they can dole it out to debt servicing corporations and other high ranking gaping rectums that exploit the motivation to be educated for a profit.

Unacceptable and unsatisfactory.

But more importantly, politically liable to turn a lot more angry student debtors against the Democratic Party for good this time especially if this is how the Biden administration is shaping up to handle BDR’s. Which is to say a clunky, means tested debt jubilee that never gets fully implemented and sucks up all the media attention while the defrauded cash paid in goes out the back never to be seen again. Having the gall to renege on your own Executive Order that was the impetus for the program is a new low as well. (#13607 to be specific).

In closing, if the DoE by way of the Democratic Party (in true laissez faire form), chooses to only forgive debt by shoveling budget money down the gullet of our loan crisis in order to satiate the market economy tapeworm that’s been attached to it for decades and passes on the opportunity once again to take the same funds and divert lump sums to Fed Loan and other servicers to then be automatically disbursed into the direct deposit accounts associated with the defrauded loan…then ‘celebratory’ will be the last thing I’ll be.

Betsy DeVos is a megalomaniacal, sociopathic Calvinist that shared a childhood w/ the homicidal founder of the most infamous mercenary contracting firm in history next to the Crusades of the Catholic Church so what’s this DoE’s excuse? Just didn’t wanna? Please. We’ve done this dance before.

Congrats on the movement and gratitude for all the hard work Debt Collective does on my behalf despite the thorny attitude on this topic.

Good Evening Thomas,

First off, I cannot stress the importance and significance of your help to everyone. You’re seriously an angel and just a giant asset to the community. Kudos to you!

Secondly, I wanted to pick your brain for a moment.

I received (finally) the other day a response from the Department of Education that my Borrower Defense To Repayment application has been approved.

A few days later, I received mail from my Federal Loan servicer, FED Loan Servicing that they received the information from the Department of Education and if I want, I can fill out the Closed School Discharge Application they sent to me.

I went to ITT-Tech and graduated in 2009 and this discharge only applies to Federal loans… Do you think I hold off on filing the Closed School Discharge paper since I had my Borrower Defense to Repayment approved? I would think that I would have to wait for the next steps from the Department of Education as they said it can take up to 180 days for the full discharge.

Confused and excited.

Many thanks!!


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YAY! @mpawlak that is excellent news!!!

If you got your borrower defense approved there is no need to fill out the closed school discharge. These are redundant protections in your case.

The Department of Education does give itself 180 days to process the actual discharge of your loans, although it looks like they are getting speedier than they used to, so keep checking your account because it could happen relatively quickly. If it hasn’t happened for some reason after 180 days (which would be early March 2022 I think) please let me know and we will troubleshoot.

If you have older FFEL loans you will have to consolidate in order for them to facilitate the discharge. You can do that here. But based on what you have said above it sounds like you probably have direct loans already, and if that is the case then there is nothing you need to do.


Please reach out to everyone else you know who attended ITT and tell them to file a borrower defense if they haven’t yet!

And celebrate! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!

Thank you so much! I will spread the word to others. You are always so helpful and may God bless you.

Looking forward to staying in touch :grinning:

Take care!

I did receive a claim approval email on 09/07. However, does anyone know how the beginning discharge date is being determined within that email? Mine says “loans taken out on or after 03/01/2005”, but my other 2 colleagues who received the same letter have 2 totally different dates than me.

Reason I’m asking is because I physically started at ITT in 03/2005, but my first loan was apparently disbursed by the finance dept on 02/24/2005 according to Mohela? That kind of sucks that very first loan wouldn’t be roped in with all the others discharged. It’s a measly 5 days prior to the date.

I have called StudentAid.gov and Borrower’s Defense hotline and no one can answer this question for me. Been waiting 5 years for this day and now they short me by 5 days? Sheesh.

As I type this, I’m on hold with the Borrower’s Defense Hotline. I am being told that the date on the approval email is the “control date” that is created based on some private formula. You need to go back and find out what the original “loan dates” are; NOT the “disbursement dates”.

In my case, my claim approval email says “loans taken out on or after 03/01/2005”. So because my first loan date is 02/24/2005, but disbursed after 03/01/2005, so that first loan technically isn’t going to be discharged. This is about the most absurd thing ever. I didn’t even physically walk in the the school until 03/2005. This formula is BS and it’s not my fault that the school’s finance dept needed to submit loan paperwork to get it moving so I can attend the school prior to 03/2005. This system is far from perfect at this point.

So the rep I was speaking to got a hold of a supervisor. His supervisor said as long as your loan “disbursement dates” fall under the control date stated in your email, then they will be discharged. So even they are getting conflicting information. That would make more sense, but the rep said they are being instructed to say “loan date” which is completely different from the “disbursement date”. smh