Wrongfully denied in-state tuition 7yrs ago

hey there!
i’m bitter about student loans in general and extra tossed because i was ** wrongfully denied instate tuition** that i was eligible for and would have saved me thousands of dollars. worst part is i still live in state and many of my classmates who recieved instate were’nt from here and didn’t stay. i’m wondering if anyone else has challenged this kind of thing years after graduating? is it challengeable? who would I negotiate with around this? it would at least bring the cost i “owe” significantly down. holler

I’m also curious about this. I had a similar thing happen, about 15 years ago. I’d lived out of state for a few months before moving back for school and was told I had to pay out-of-state tuition for a semester, then come back and re-apply for in-state tuition. I was busy, and young, and I forgot about it until three semesters later. I asked someone at the bursar’s office if I could adjust what I owe to reflect the in-state tuition I should’ve been charged, and was told flatly, no. This was at a public university, and amounted to thousands of dollars in extra debt. I realize I made a mistake, but it never seemed fair to to me that it couldn’t have been corrected, especially since I brought it to the attention of the bursar while I was still in school. If anyone has any experience with something like this I would love to know.