Wondering why it was so close?


Donald Trump and his enablers have obliterated the economy, eviscerated the rule of law, shattered national unity, ripped apart our alliances and global influence and devastated public health and safety. They've set up the conditions and encouraged behaviors that have directly attributed to 240,000 American deaths, in publicly admitted acts of mass negligent homicide

Trump himself has raised grifting, nepotism, cronyism and suppression to shocking new heights, and his attack hound William Barr has prostituted the Department of Justice in a shameless, bottomless defense of the grifter-in-chief. 

Mitch McConnell admitted in news interviews to letting 395 House bills sit in a stack on his desk, refusing to even let the Senate look at them. His belief-beggaring obstructionism and personal grifting included killing multiple coronavirus bills, instead sending the Senate on vacation, and thus ensuring that millions of Americans will face eviction. 

People around the world are watching in shock, horror and disbelief: what should have been an utter, irreversible toilet flush has turned into a nail-biting, excruciatingly drawn-out mutual political bludgeoning. 

Billions of people around the globe are dumbfounded, wondering why on Earth any of these grifters has even stood a remote chance of being re-elected? 

It's simple: Republicans have gamed the system so thoroughly that we've just barely escaped sliding into a permanent plutocracy, even when they were running the most incompetent President in US history. 

Our escape may only be a temporary reprieve: you can bet that next time, they'll run someone smarter and more polished. Systematic and scientifically-engineered gerrymandering, ballot box reduction, 21,000 closed polling stations in Democratic strongholds (forcing people to stand in lines and risk dying of covid to vote), purged voter rolls, voter intimidation, postal service sabotage and a constant barrage of propaganda from FOX, COX Communications and Sullivan Broadcasting. That gushing sewer pipe of hatred and disinformation needs to be welded shut or the plutocrats will succeed next time around.

And let’s not forget the patents for voting machines that Ivanka Trump was recently awarded in China.

So, people shouldn’t be wondering why such an obviously awful and blatantly criminal authoritarian like Trump even stands a chance at winning. We should be thanking our lucky stars that we pulled off a miracle, when the odds were stacked so high against We the People.