Why was I forced to pay housing loans when I didn't attend campus housing? Unjustifiable inaccurate 1000s of debt in capitalism making causeffectism necessary to avoid such inaccuracies!

Why was I forced to pay $ > 4000 housing loans when I didn’t attend campus housing? Unjustifiable inaccurate 1000s of debt in capitalism making causeffectism necessary to avoid such inaccuracies!
I attended online courses at my residence off-campus yet was forced to pay for on-campus housing (though campus was closed due to COVID-19 and wasn’t residing on a dorm). Also, I was dismissed from school afterwards for refusing to financially pay for extra money I was unjustifiably and inaccurately charged and they used for harmful campus services like LGBT support services (LGBT are resource and brain cell wasters and sexual predators who prey on immigrant children like myself -when I was an infant in Middle East a bisexual raped me causing me to view them as human parasites who plague the world and enforce sexual activities for only pleasure instead of for only reproduction). So, I made a new economic system called causeffectism valued on free online education and open access science ensuring LGBT is unacceptable as sex is only for reproduction and ensuring free online education for all to be academically and financially independent anywhere in space! I need help due to realizing LGBT dominates resource and brain cell wasting UN, US, UK government diversity policies (who take advantage of underdeveloped nations through child labor and human trafficking to do their physical work and can execute anyone including innocent humanitarian operators socially, physically, or financially to profit and keep their dirty secrets classified) and need to go against the government at this rate. First, I want Debt Collective to become causeffectist to realistically cancel debt in education by starting causeffectist data centers and causeffectist internet providers and causeffectist educational organizations. Second, I want all users in Debt Collective to set up open access based businesses and IT services to start our causeffectist transactions. Third, I want any capitalist (failures for not realizing the flaws of our current economy allowing rapist LGBT parasites to plague and thrive in criminal justices -especially supreme and state courts-, prisons, and academia) who gets in causeffectism’s way of success to be rebelled against by setting up military grade protection/security for causeffectist banks! I will make causeffectism and Debt Collective will be a future causeffectist bank so one way or another I will shut down capitalism and make free online education causers rich and causeffectist bankers who ACCURATELY and freely help others do good on their own. Thanks Debt Collective for letting me share my nightmare experiences for free as one day the future will understand why the First Causeffectist no longer tolerated capitalism! Want to join forces with me now to become a causeffectist bank NOW?