Who should I contact for help?

Whats up guys? quick back story on my situation, in 2007 my 1st kid was born, seeing him in an ultrasound image was the coolest thing ever, at the time I worked outside in the elements, tough summers and brutal winters in Hudson valley NY. area. I decided that having a kid I needed to make more money and find a less physically taxing job. I was always interested in the medical field, so with that in mind i decided id go to school to be an ultrasound tech. I went to a couple of schools, sanford brown in Westchester wasn’t accredited but had an ultrasound program up and running, Dutchess community college was offering an aggressive 2 year RN program, which according to admissions was 2nd in difficulty only to their engineering program, having a newborn, woking and grinding hard in school just didn’t sound ideal, so then I checked out Ridley Lowell. Speaking to the registrar person, I was told that they were getting an ultrasound program together, She actually pulled out a folder and showed me all of the students that signed up for it, there was 1 caveat though, she said I had to complete a pre-requisite medical assistant program before I can sign up for the ultrasound tech class. long story gets longer, I finish the medical assistant program with honors every semester, but they never put together the ultrasound program, I graduated in 2010, they closed down in 2018. Now i’m back working outdoors because I wasn’t making enough being a medical assistant. I went through a bankruptcy last year, as years of falling behind was too much to overcome, but I still had these school loans, paying for a scam school that lied to all of us, i’m actually surprIsed I haven’t seen anyone else here complain about Ridley-Lowell. The reason for this post however was to ask for some guidance. At this time i have paid back the amount of money i borrowed from my federal student loan. The problem is because I fell behind financially and i had to go into forebearance numerous times, the interest on the loan still has me about 6k in debt. Is there any authority, perhaps maybe a politician that can pardon me the interest on this loan? The way I see it they’re lucky to have gotten any money from me as they signed me up under false pretenses, I have filed a BDR several months ago and its in the queue according to the person I spoke to, but thats all they could tell me. If you guys were me, what direction would you go in? thank you in advance and Merry Christmas to all!

Never heard of Ridley-Lowell, but its clearly a for-profit. I attended the now defunct westwood closed in 2016. I too graduated in 2010 and filed BDR, all we can do is wait really.
I think eventually they will have to forgive all closed for profit school victims, the degrees attained from them are utterly useless, a high-school diploma has more worth.


Yea the school I attended was pretty useless, they promised to find out an externship program and jobs and they did neither for me at least, I had to find my own, one of out teachers was also mental, she threw a wall clock in the trash because one of the students looked at it lol.

Yeah, a lot of our instructors learned through YouTube.
I had to teach some too, I was in disbelief.
I am going to fight repayment tooth and nail.
The school had a inflated job placement number and also had a alumni retraining program to keep graduates up to date on software. All of that is gone and I am not even working in my field of study.
The DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION can kiss my A**, Devos too.


I went through a recent bankruptcy, it sucks so I really don’t have a choice to repay or have my credit suffer more, I just wish theyd cut me loose, maybe a lawyer? Best case scenario they see it in my favor and I get my money back. That would be SWEET!

Is your account placed in administrative forbearance. because it should be if you made that selection on your application.

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I opted not to in the event they rule against me I’m on the hook for the amount owed plus the interest… The interest is the reason my loan isnt paid off, I have paid the amount borrowed. Legal loan sharks.

Any news or info on Nova Southeastern ?