Whistleblower: The Department of Education is intentionally making the DTR website less user friendly

The Department of Education is deliberately trying to make the process of filing a DTR as confusing and difficult as possible, even to the extent of trying to sabotage the user friendliness of the website.

Here are two news reports about this.


Hi @Thomas_Gokey,

I read about this and specifically the new universal BDR application makes it harder because it specifies only Corinthian colleges. The last question on Page 1 of the application, which is a contradicting question, is this:

Is your application based on an allegation that a Corinthian College (Everest, WyoTech, and/ or Heald) misrepresented job placement rates to you and your first date of attendance at that school was on or after July 1, 2010? You choose yes or no. But what if the first part of your answer to this question is yes and the other part is no, and also vice versa, no then yes?

The Department is confusing students who are filling out this universal BDR application and it feels like this application blatantly applies only to Corinthian colleges when Page 2 of the form allows the student to put down the non-Corinthian school they attended.

So students cannot rightfully put down the name of the non-Corinthian predatory college that misled them on page 1 and must answer this Corinthian college question first in order to continue with the application?

This makes no sense. I hope that whistleblower reveals all the for-profit college illegal evidence that the Department is withholding from the law!

Good luck to all of us it seems like a new lawsuit is filed each week against the Department of Education!

Thank you for all that you do Thomas and everyone else here as well.

Betsy Devious is at it again. I knew something was up, that lady is nutty.

My understanding is that this question is so specific because the government is already hemmed in by court cases and by the Department of Education’s previous determinations. Basically if you meet BOTH of these conditions, the Department is going to have a harder time denying your claim. But only if you meet BOTH conditions. So if the answer to either part of this question is “no” you need to put “no” and move on.

BUT if you haven’t filed a DTR already, do so today before the new rule goes into effect!

And if you have already filed a DTR, then this doesn’t apply to you. Your DTR is governed under the old rules and that doesn’t change. That doesn’t mean they won’t deny your claim improperly. Maybe they already have denied your claim. But that will all get fought out in the courts.

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