Welcome to the Debt Collective platform

Our platform is an experiment in a new kind of organizing. For years, we have said “Alone Our Debts are a Burden, but Together They Make Us Powerful”. This platform is our effort to bring different people together from across the country who are all in debt so we can fight back - together.

By joining the Debt Collective, you will gain access to:

A series of debt of debt dispute tools that allow you to dispute many kinds of debt and stop predatory collectors from harassing you and taking your money.

A community forum where you can meet other people in your situation, plan actions and campaigns, and strategize together

Our Debt Collective media page, The Power Report, where members and organizers post everything from news, videos, artwork and more.

Our platform is still in the early stage. We have several new features in the works. We hope you will join, dispute your debt and help us improve this space as a place that is welcoming to everyone.

We welcome your suggestions for how to improve this site. Please send your comments and questions to admin@debtcollective.org.

I seem to keep having issues with reply buttons missing from some threads. I get it on both PC and my phone.

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