Wanting to feel powerful instead of afraid w $154k in student debt

hi y’all!

i read can’t pay, won’t pay and it made me wanna join the union. i am a poet, social justice community organizer, and coach living in the SF bay area (richmond, ca) with my partner and cat. i left my non-profit desk job 6 years ago and have loved working for myself and have really came to love my life, but it’s been difficult financially.

i just read an article about biden expanding student loan forgiveness for folks who work for non-profits and it made me feel so conflicted! i don’t want to go back to working a desk job - i love working for myself! but i cannot see how i could possibly stay self-employed and be able to buy a house and save for retirement, etc, if i actually try to pay back my student loans. they only grow bigger and were predatory from the start!

i’ll be 45 in a few days and i am realizing that i need to find a way to feel powerful in the face of this debt. i’ll be reading up and figuring out how to resist with y’all. would love any tips on how to get involved from locals.

big love, fellow debtors,
:michelle puckett

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