Want to grab Some Advice on Managing Student Debt

Hello everyone,

This is Marcos, I am currently dealing with student debt and looking for advice on how to manage it effectively. What strategies have worked well for others in similar situations? Are there any resources or organizations you recommend for debt relief or advocacy?

Any insights or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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Hello Marcos,

There is one solution to change your life and that of others. You can work three jobs (not in your chosen profession). You can live like a broke student, Ramen and a budgeted life, or focus in the simplest way, together. I’ve listened to higher education graduates and they said it was difficult to find meaningful work and be able to afford the debt, especially with the recapitalization that keeps you paying in perpetuity, for ever and ever, so they created a company aka a business. This is a hard road because it takes hard work to learn a new system after mastering another. I’ve looked at different business and personal financial models and have a solution to this equation as well. I’d love to share my ideas, statistics and strategies with you if you are open to support shared growth in connection. Reach our and let’s discuss how we can do this together. My number is 1 (925) 338-9798. All the best.

Kahlil Sullivan

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Hello Kahlil,

Thank you for reaching out and sharing your insights. I’m interested in learning more about your ideas and strategies for shared growth.