Volunteers needed to help with new medical bill tool

Hi everyone!

This is not a Debt Collective tool. It is a tool being created by a different organization called Dollar For that helps people apply for so-called “charity care.” Most people don’t know this, but the vast majority of Americans qualify to get some or all of their medical bills cancelled. But there is some difficult paperwork to do that. Dollar For is trying to make it easier to file that paperwork. You may have seen this viral TikTok video they created.

Dollar For could really use some volunteers to help them do some usertesting on their tool. It takes about an hour. They are especially looking for people who don’t know very much about the “charity care” process.

Here is their volunteer intake form. If you do volunteer, please tell them you are a member of the Debt Collective and that the Debt Collective sent you!!!

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Just got this message. Anyone interested? You can sign up at the link above.

Dear volunteers, we are desperately seeking 2 or 3 more usability testers. We need folks in their 20’s whose primary device is their smartphone. :iphone:They need not have experience with medical billing or Dollar For. If you know someone like that – your child? a neighbor? a friend? – please ask them to help out. It takes only one hour and it really makes a difference in the service we can offer patients.