Volunteer with us!

Hey folks,

We sent out an email this morning but wanted to follow up on the platform. We now have a volunteer form and would love for folks with social media, web development, design, legal, organizing and outreach skills to join our volunteer team and help us build power toward cancelling our debts!!




I’m in!


Biden says he’ll forgive undergraduate loans up to a $125,000 income level. How about graduate loans? I also have many thousands of those. And yes, I make way less than the $125,000 limit.


I also attended private college with loans. Will they be forgiven also?


Hi @gma000w, under Biden’s plan as it currently exists it looks like people who attended private schools are shit out of luck.

It is a bad plan. We will push him and fight him tooth and nail to make it better.

All the more reason to spread the debt strike


Hi Winter. I completed the form already, but wanted to follow up a bit here. I have a JD, but have never practiced law. I have some basic legal research experience, and happy to look into helping out any way that I can – although I am also involved with a local mutual aid effort here, and have a family – so will have to balance.

Anyway, thanks for reaching out. Talk to y’all soon.

Nick Bejarano


Youth would be an ideal state if it came a little later in life.

(Herbert Henry Asquith)
I don’t need a lawyer today–I’m going to tell the truth!> (Navajo defendant to judge)
I love music, just as long as it’s groovin’!> (The O’Jays)


hi fellow debtors,

when can we hope to be followed up with after finishing the volunteer sign up?





In my networking and professional experience, I’ve a few small businesses I network with, that specifically help nonprofits raise funds.

They mainly do this, by providing big ticket item travel vouchers, which can be used to help draw people in, which can be used in conjunction with any other outreach being done on local media, to both raise awareness for the cause, and raise funds.

If this is something that Debt Collective would be interested in, let me know. I could be the coordinator between the vendors and respective (state?) groups.

awesome thanks @nickb! we received a TON of volunteer forms and we’re a small team so will take some time to get back to you, but appreciate the extra info :slight_smile:

@wokebloke thanks for submitting! yeah so we got a ton of forms (which is AWESOME) and it’ll take a bit of time to sort through and figure out how to bring people on board. hope to be in touch as soon as possible!

@allstarr interesting, i’ll touch base with the group and see if there is any interest. we need to have some conversations about fundraising, so i’ll let you know how that goes

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you have a small team and know you have all these volunteers. sounds like an easy fix to me

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unfortunately in my experience nothing is easy in the world of political organizing :slight_smile: but having many volunteers is a wonderful problem to have, and we plan on being in touch as soon as possible

get volunteers to do intake of all the incoming volunteers instead of responding to me with useless information

Hi Nathanial,
I am member that is from Nevada. Just wanted to say hello and glad you reached out and are ready to get involved. Want to set up a GHO call and talk about local issues and ways you would like to get involved as a volunteer? We can invite other Nevada members and set something up for the first week of May.

If you have advertisements or promotions, I have large followings on Facebook (5,000) and LinkedIN (11,000)… just let me know. Marty