User Experience Feedback- NEW THEME

Welcome back to the Debt Collective.

We have a new look and want to encourage you to let us know what you think.
This space, called ‘ Site-Feedback’, is created for you to give us feedback on your user experience

USER EXPERIENCE FEEDBACK is critical to the life cycle of a process like we are creating through this online community. Plus, it is fun and super easy. Just log back in :selfie: through your phone or a :computer: computer and take some time to explore the community spaces.

Here are a few highlights on the New Theme.

If you want to leave us your feedback.

Click Reply to this topic and make your own post describing your experience.

Here is an example of #sitefeedback from a user.

1)Write a short description
2)Include a Screenshot of the page or thread you are referring to

:speaking_head:Hello Community. This is a call to action! We appreciate your support!


I love the new theme! I’m curious are you guys still utilizing the tools section? I found it hard to find unless I typed it in manually


Hi there, this is really helpful feedback.

We do still have the tools.

@ihavenoname I am curious if you tested from your phone or a desktop?

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From the desktop

Thank you ,


Join us for an online platform party to test the user experience with the new platform theme.

We will meet online and have a quick platform overview, and show you how to capture and report your feedback. Then each person will be given a short list of items to test. Total time should be less than an hour.

** :heartpulse: Hit the like button or reply that you are interested and we will get you looped in.**


This is looking great! Much easier to navigate and find where to get our dues paid! Just officially signed up. We are making waves DC!! Making WAVES!

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