University of Phoenix

Why hasn’t the Debt Collective heard much from students at University of Phoenix? At one point, they were the largest university in the US, but they have been closing doors regularly.
Was there ever a Facebook site for them, like the Everest Avengers, ITT Tech Warriors and I Am Ai?


They are out there. There’s some in this facebook group.

I’m sure a lot of students from University of Phoenix have applied for BDTR, @Christina_Hammond is an admin for that FB group.

Looks like there hasn’t been much activity there. Maybe because it’s a closed group.

I think it would be great to start organizing here.
I have debt from UOP. Still need to file a DTR against this debt.

Do you have any recent news links or info you could share here? @camdenkid

also, have you filed a application to dispute your debt with UOP?
What has the response been like as you circulate this petition?


Sorry I missed this. My latest piece on UoPX is at College Meltdown: Can Apollo Global Management stem the bleeding at University of Phoenix?

I am a Phoenix as well. Get Started By Telling Your Student Debt Story