Tx debt relief, real or scam?

So the last couple years have been rough financially and I’ve had to basically max out all my credit on childcare, gas, and food. I clicked a link for a Texas debt relief thing and yesterday I talked with Accredited Debt Relief about a consolidation program… I’m nervous because it sounds to good to be true. They say they negotiate down and buy the debt. I know it’s possible but thought I did ask here for any advice.

The company is: Accredited Debt Relief

7322 Southwest Freeway, Suite 1200 Houston, TX 77074
(833) 215-8155

They got my info from Texasdebtrelief.org.

I know there are scams but I really need help right now and there’s gotta be something like this that’s real…

I have about $44,000 in debt and they offered me to pay $321 twice a month for 55 months, which is like $36k total and lowers my current monthly bill by like $800. I’m going to talk with them again tomorrow(Friday). Right now I don’t see a problem and don’t see another option.

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Hi Nathan!

This is a scam! Here are some complaints from folks on the BBB site.


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There are many companies out there doing this - it’s just a way to make money for themselves. My daughter had $300k in debt and we were desperate. So we hired someone we found, similar to what you have found. We had such hope, but then it dragged on for years and all we kept doing was paying, and he kept telling us he was negotiating, but nothing ever happened. We finally realized 1. that this guy was not even a lawyer but worked at a law firm. He would ask the folks at the firm how to handle something. 2. It ended up that he simply got the last $1,000 payment the Arts Institute wanted from my daughter, forgiven, and they finally sent her her diploma. That’s it, but the $300k she still owed. My daughter finally connected with the Harvard Project and an attorney who work pro-bono to help with student debt. [she has since left that job so I can’t recommend her, but maybe the Harvard folks could recommend someone to you.] and my daughter became one of the 6 participants in the recent Class action suit filed against AI and they won. So her debt has finally been forgiven!!! Good luck to you! Just know there is hope out there. It took us 15 years but it finally worked.

This is a scam. They will negotiate your debt down by not making payments and tanking your credit. If I were in your situation, I would look into a debt management plan. With a debt management plan, a credit counselor will negotiate lower interest rates, and you will make one monthly payment on your debts. You will not be able to use the credit cards enrolled in the debt management plan or apply for new cards/loans during the repayment period. Hope you find a good solution. I’m digging myself out of some credit card debt right now and know the struggle.

I was in a similar situation, with a higher student loan debt. I filed for Chapter 13, which I am pying off in 5 years. During this time, I don’t have to pay make student loan debtpayments. The payments resume when I complete my Chapter 13 payments in 2025. I can’t use credit cards for 5 years, and my interest is still growing, but at least it gives me 5 years, and hopefully a real debt-relief program will be enacted by the federal government by then. Acceptance to a Chapter 13 personal bankruptcy is income and expenses-contigent.