Trapped in private loans

Hi everyone,
I am really confused. I thought I had public loans because they were FAFSA but I just found out they were private and cannot be forgiven even though I work full time for a nonprofit. Navient holds my loans and I really despise them and don’t want to give them anything. Is there a way out of this?


Look into refinancing, with another servicer. I despise Navient too, they own Aidvantage as well so stay away from that one too.

This is something I copied from another source:

Contact your State Attorney about the for-profit school you attended and explain why you need to seek relief. File a Complaint - Consumer Protection

Other places to submit your complaint:

Need legal advice? Contact the lawyers pro bono from The Project on Predatory Student Lending:

Want to take action and do something about it? Organize with The Debt Collective:

Thanks Sarah. Unfortunately my College is a Non-Profit, even though it doesn’t act like it. Its OCOM in Portland, an acupuncture school.