This one reason is why full student debt cancellation is a realistic hope

We need a massive stimulus, but congress is in a position to kneecap the size and scope of what the stimulus can be. A Biden administration is in a difficult spot, do they fight for the size of a stimulus required right now and risk getting nothing at all, or do they settle for something much smaller than is needed and risk never being able to get anything else in the future?

Unlike these other paths towards stimulus, student debt cancellation is something Biden can do without congress being able to stop him. Even if the first round is something pitiful, like $50,000 or $10,000, it is a well they can keep going back to to do more. But they should cancel it all right up front, maybe even as soon as a large stimulus fails.


Can we get 100k signatures on to get Biden to address this ASAP? I bet we could. Kamala Harris went after Corinthian, and Biden said he’d get rid of Devos on day 1, so they’re on our side. But he might get sidetracked with other issues, so maybe the petition might help?