Temporary Extended Public Service Loan Forgiveness Clarification and help?

Hello Collective,

I was wondering if anyone could shed light on the process to apply for TEPSLF if you never applied for and got denied for the original program. do I have any shot at qualifying at all without starting all over?? I’m trying to figure out whether to refinance or stay the course for this program but I would rather not waste time if its a lost cause.

Here is my situation…

I heard about the program and have been working at 503© qualifying places for almost the 10 years necessary to qualify (I think ill have 120 payments next Nov.) during the first 7 years I didnt know i had to submit anything for approval or apply before the entirety of the 120 payments so I never applied. After I heard about the fact that only certain loans qualified and I didn’t have them, I gave up until I heard about the extension program for people such as myself that weren’t informed about the specifics of the program.

I applied to the extended program but got denied for the fact that they have no record of me submitting for the original program. So now it seems I’m suck in some grey area in between programs where none of my payments will qualify?

I would greatly appreciate any insight into this situation. thanks, everyone!

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Unfortunately I think you have to enroll into a particular payment plan to make it count towards the qualifying payments, I’m in the same boat. On top of that I’ve read they deny alot of these because of a small oversight all the time, so make sure you are crystal clear on the requirements and be on the same page as the person you talk to. Good luck.

Just came across this today:

We are fighting for the cancellation of ALL 1.6+ trillion in federal and private student loan debt. :point_up: because we KNOW the department of education is not going to do the right thing. They continue to deny eligible borrowers in PSL forgiveness. This is wrong!!!

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Thank you, this was a sad (but extremely helpul) link!