Tell Your Story to the House Education and Labor Committee


Hi, There is a new committee in the House of Representatives that has oversight responsibilities over the Department of Education. We should make sure that the members of the committee hear our stories of being screwed over by for-profit colleges, and by lenders and servicers.

Do you live in a district covered by any of the following Representatives? If so, write your student debt story in this thread with as much details as you can and Debt Collective organizers will help make sure it gets to the committee member. These officials should be investigating Betsy Devos, and we can help make sure they have the ammunition they need to do so.

The committee:

Bobby Scott, Virginia, Chairman

Susan A. Davis, California
@Sanders (Do you know anyone in this district?)

Raúl M. Grijalva, Arizona

Joe Courtney, Connecticut
@PAMELA_HUNT Do you know anyone in this district?

Marcia L. Fudge, Ohio

Gregorio Sablan, Northern Mariana Islands

Frederica Wilson, Florida

Suzanne Bonamici, Oregon

Mark Takano, California
@Sanders help sprdad the word?

Alma Adams, North Carolina

Mark DeSaulnier, California

Donald Norcross, New Jersey
@Kim_Bailey - Do you know anyone in this district?

Raja Krishnamoorthi, Illinois
@Ami_Schneider - Do you know anyone in this district?

Adriano Espaillat, New York

Pramila Jayapal, Washington

Joseph D. Morelle, New York

Susan Wild, Pennsylvania

Josh Harder, California

Lucy McBath, Georgia

Kim Schrier, Washington

Lauren Underwood, Illinois
@Ami_Schneider- Do you know anyone?

Jahana Hayes, Connecticut

Donna Shalala, Florida

Andy Levin, Michigan

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota

David Trone, Maryland

Haley Stevens, Michigan

Susie Lee, Nevada

Joaquin Castro, Texas

Lori Trahan, Massachusetts
@Kim_Tran - Know anyone in this district?

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I am in Raja’s district!! He also holds town halls every Thursday - can you help me with a game plan?? I would love to work on this as much as possible since my rep is on committee


Hi Ami. YAY! Raja needs to hear your story. I know you have already told it multiple times in multiple places. Do you want to pull another statement together addressed directly to him? I don’t think you have to say much more than you have said in other places. But this time we can ask your Rep to use his role on the committee to demand answers from DeVos? If you want post your story here or email me and we can work on it. And if you know anyone else in the district, we should get them to write their stories too. The DC will send a big batch of letters to the committee soon.


I am just barely outside of CA 53rd district for Davis, but I know a few who ARE in her district. Can I still write to her and let her know even if I am in another district?

Just so happens I am in the very red 50th- the one that elected a criminal Duncan Hunter over Ammar Campa-Najjar, who I actually had discussion about student debt with and who “gets it”


awesome! I will try to get to work on this tomorrow & I can totally keep it kind if shorter/condensed but I love the idea of asking him to question her. He seems to be pretty accessible too so he has staffers at town halls once a month on the first Thursday, in the morning. I feel like that is something I would like to take advantage of as well


Sanders, You should write if you want to, sure! If you can get a message to those folks you know who are in her district, that would be great too. Please post responses here so we can collect them.