Tax Debt and it's crippling


I have a small business… and owe so much in taxes!
It seems criminal that the biggest companies get out of paying taxes… when we have to account for every last penny!

Who is with me?


I don’t personally “own” a business. Although I am my business…I work from home for myself, but. I feel you. I have to pay state taxes every 2 years($250) profits or not, which is nothing compared to what you have to pay, I’m sure…but I understand your frustration, as I know a few people who, like yourself, are small business owners and a couple are barely keeping their head above water and a few have already sank…Its terrible because, it seems the small, barely making it businesses should get the breaks, but instead the large corporations, who could easily afford it are the ones who get the breaks.
It’s not fair, just, and shouldn’t be legal!