Tagging Instructions for FB

Here are instructions on how to search members of Facebook groups by location. This will be helpful for our AG action in finding people so we can help them with group wide cancellation via their state AG. Can also be used for other organizing. PLEASE TELL PEOPLE YOU FIND ABOUT THIS PLATFORM. Community.DebtCollective.org

I have been doing this on FB, but I want to pass the torch onto others that want to organize, as we have seen good results from doing this.


Don’t follow that link, as it is just an example. You need to replace GROUPNUMBER and LOCATIONNUMBER with numbers found on FB.

PLEASE NOTE If you are creating a post for an AG action in a busy group like “I am Ai” with a lot of postings, I suggest tagging @I am Ai by clicking after it after you have the @ symbol in front. This will keep your post floating at the top of the page when we are tagging for something important. This is also how you tag individual people, by putting an @ symbol in front of their names, and clicking after the person’s name. I have instructions below on how to quickly come up with tagging lists using a program called Notepad++. You can only tag people 50 at a time, and you can tag the rest in the comments. Please make sure to not get banned from FB for 24 hours. You need to wait 15 minutes before each tagging in the comments to avoid a 24 hour ban from tagging.

Search (CTRL F) for entity_id in “view page source” on a PC web browser by right clicking any blank spot in the FB group to find group ID. The group number will be immediately following this entity_id on the page source. I have already collected group numbers here:

Group Numbers

I am Ai 196721303770639

Ai Confidential 1619645014945760

Argosy Action 148870976064669

ITT Tech Warriors 1531880060416772

Everest College Avengers 833008023378824

To find location numbers right click a Facebook place and copy link, the number in that link is the LOCATION number.

Location numbers:

Chicago 108659242498155

Springfield, Illinois 104023752968315

Boston 106003956105810

LA 110970792260960

San Diego 110714572282163

Pittsburgh 114943251851302

Green Bay, Wisconsin 111780418839173

Minneapolis, Minnesota 106300959405546

Saint Paul, Minnesota 107996279221955

Alaska 108083605879747

California 108131585873862

Colorado 106153826081984

Delaware 105643859470062

Florida 109714185714936

Illinois 112386318775352

Iowa 104004246303834

Pennsylvania 105528489480786

Nebraska 109306932420886

New Jersey 108325505857259

New York 112825018731802

Maine 108603925831326

Massachusetts 112439102104396

Michigan 109706309047793

Minnesota 112577505420980

Mississippi 113067432040067

South Dakota 112283278784694

Tennessee 108545005836236

Texas 108337852519784

Washington 110453875642908

Wisconsin 109146809103536

There is a text editor program called “Notepad ++” that will help will bigger states. You can easily edit a doc and remove multiple lines of unneeded texts by search, remove blank lines easily, and put an @ symbol at the front of everyone’s names after you have it narrowed down to just the names. What I do is scroll all the way down to the bottom of a list of people from a state, then pull up and select all the names including people’s past work experience, college experience, etc. I scroll all the way to the top, and then copy and paste everyone into this Notepad++. From there you can search for terms like “works” or “Art” or “likes” or “manager,” to remove entire lines of unneeded texts throughout the entire doc.

Link for “Notepad ++

Link for TextFX, an add-on plugin that allows you to remove blank lines.

Helpful Youtube tutorials

Notepad++ : How to remove all lines containing a specific string text

How to Delete Blank Lines in Note Pad Plus Plus

Notepad++ - How To Add Text at Start and End of Each Line

You can see examples of how I’m doing this on FB. Let me know if you need any help with this!

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@Thomas_Gokey @Laura_Hanna @Ann_Larson
This is what we’ve accomplished so far, as far as the AG action goes. Going to show our progress so others can start sharing and reaching out for other states as we do more. I’ve been trying to encourage more conversation on the platform regarding upcoming AG actions as well.


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This is beautiful! A collective action that can’t be ignored.

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@Robbie This is really great work! Well done.

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One of the problems I’m running up against is the lack of hard email addresses we have. I know they have actual email addresses as well, we just have to find them via students that have already interacted with these State AGs. Takes a bit of investigative work to find them. The problem with the State AG websites is that we will likely receive a lack of response for tracking these individual letters. I am seeing that people in states without the actual email address are not corresponding on the platform as we intended. @Thomas_Gokey, any help I can get with your resources to find out actual emails of these state AGs would be helpful as to make sure you’re CC’d.

I almost think telling people to copy and paste the letter and send it to both the website and @Thomas_Gokey via email may be the best way forward . It’s a good option to make sure we know who’s sending them, as to organize further around collective action to pressure AGs.

I’ve updated the map above to show the new AG/Senator actions for the single Republican AG state I’ve done, and other Dem states I’ve added as well. Some of the students talked with Dick Durbin’s office and they suggested we not be afraid of Republicans. We are planning twitter storms for this summer, and will be hitting these AGs and Republican Senators. I’m looking forward to harassing these Senators into getting off their asses and doing something! Let’s talk about this on our next call, I have some ideas on how to make this the most effective.