Sweet vs DeVos - Objection to case ended yesterday, August 20th, 2020

With mail issues recently, perhaps consider still sending an objection in to inform the judge about the lame blanket DtR denials, or contacting the lawyers from Harvard Law School representing students:

Manriquez v. DeVos class: email CMclass@law.harvard.edu or call 617-390-2612.

Sweet v. DeVos class: email SweetClass@law.harvard.edu or call 617-390-2574.

You can submit written objections or comments to the court or request to speak at the fairness hearing. You can send objections or comments or requests to speak to:

Clerk of the Court

United States District Court

Northern District of California

450 Golden Gate Avenue

San Francisco, California 94102

Your written comments or requests to speak at the fairness hearing must be received by the court by August 20,2020. The Clerk will provide copies of the written comments to all of the lawyers on both sides, and the lawyers will have an opportunity to respond to objections before the final hearing.

This miiight be helpful to still do this to inform the judge/court about the blanket denials happening, so consider doing this, and sharing for others to do as well.

Additional info:

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