Support for Student Loan Forgiveness

Hello! I’ve been reading up on the PSLF Waiver and it’s all frustrating and confusing to me. Would you all know the best place to seek out accurate support on everything loan forgiveness? Also, for those who may not necessarily qualify, is there another route? My loans have been in deferment/forbearance for about 18 years now and my work requirements were prior to 2007, so I’m wondering which is the best route.
Thank you!

I understand your frustration, it is very confusing for me as well. I recommend that you search and check this group on Facebook:
Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program Support
They have a good community support there, with guides and answers to many questions in regards to the waiver.

It is confusing to me as well. Loan origination in 2005, yet they say none of my payments qualify for the program. I’m a nurse as well, all places non-profits. I will check out the FB group