Suing Your Creditors

This New York Times article, “Learning How to Fight the Collector,” describes former collection agent Steven Katz, who created a message board, DebtorBoards dot com, teaching people how to sue in small claims court, collections agencies going after them. Its members sued their creditors for over $700,000 and defended collection of over $600,000 in debts, a net swing of $1.3 million. Sadly, that message board no longer exists, and DebtorBoards dot com now belongs to a collections agency.

However, the internet wayback machine has the full archive of the message board available. You cannot log into the message board, but you can review all the posts, especially the pinned posts. The posts are intentionally very how-to/DIY. I suggest starting with “The Flyingifr [founder’s username] Method of Aggressive Credit Repair.”
Here’s a shortened link to the archive:
Here’s the full link to the archive:;wwwRedirect

If you’re suing, I suggest reviewing your case with your local bar association’s Ask-A-Lawyer event in advance.


How do we do this? I’m alleging my landscape architecture program did not fully disclose the jobs available, the poor methodology of teaching (which lead to excess self taught courses which takes more time than a regular class), to top it off there is so much age discrimination (allegedly :wink: that I am not allowed to get a Florida Landscape Architecture license without being hired by ONLY an RLA.

Isn’t small claims court limited to 5K . I am well over that amount. :frowning:
Just checking. Thank you so much for this post and I’m grateful to have this community.

Hi @SOS — are these federal loans or private loans that you obtained from your program? If they are federal loans and you feel your school and program lied about your program, marketed false claims and did a piss poor job of teaching, you can file a Borrowers Defense to Repayment claim. You don’t need a lawyer to fill it out for you and you do not need to pay anyone to complete it for you. You will want to round up some evidence to back up your claims though. You can learn more here: — this was what the Sweet v Cardona class action lawsuit was related to.

If you need support from others who have gone through the process — you can find helpful info here:

Hope that helps!