Sued by the nameless

So, Synchrony Bank has filed suit for the $2,000 balance on a card opened at Lowe’s. They closed the account suddenly and without warning, even though I’d never missed a payment or paid only the minimum. Of course, that removed any motivation to make regular payments, and because my rating was trashed by their action.

I answered the suit, saying it was unfair because they’d never contacted me except by robocall (requiring me to take down a different number and call them back) and unsigned letters, even when I checked the box on the payment page that said “I can’t pay.” I did once get a call from a live person, it happened while I was writing an answer to their unsigned certified letter, but she didn’t know anything about the history.

Now I’ve received interrogatories from the lawyer, mostly demanding information I cannot supply. Can I pro se send back interrogatories, though I don’t know who I’m asking? I’m thinking of the validating-the-debt stuff. To show that the remaining debt is just interest and fees.