Successful Tax Return Offset Reversal

I was able to successfully get my offset returned to me after ED had intercepted it. I was told by ED that the only way to get it back is by competing and submitting a timely, complete and accurate Application for Extreme Financial Hardship Packet. It was very specific and required that I be in the process of eviction. I also had to submit a copy of my lease and get a notorized letter signed by my landlord attesting to my being in the process of eviction. The letter also had to detail how much money I was going to have to pay to avoid eviction. That was just one of the criteria I had to meet to apply for this hardship and offset reversal.

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Hi Jcuriel. Thanks for this report. Glad to hear this. Can you share the email or letter you received from ED about this? It would be good for us to see that. Thanks!