Student loan mess

I attended Florida Metropolitan University ( Corinthian college and then Everest) online in the early 2000s.
I was young and didn’t pay a lot of attention and my loans defaulted and bounced from ECMC to PHEEA and I yetest and fees just piled on. These are federal loans.
The program was horrible and I knew it was a mistake so I withdrew due to the cost, lies etc…
My loans have worked their way from 28k to 75 somehow.
I want to apply for the borrowers defense but I cannot find any of my paperwork from back then.
What should I do? Should I just apply for it and explain?

Hi @Keaton7,

I would encourage you to file a borrower defense to repayment and provide as much information as you can. If you don’t have the original paperwork that is okay. Just answer the questions as truthfully and as fully as you can. If you don’t know the answer to one of the questions just say that and move on to the next question.

You can fill out an application here: