Student Loan Discharge for Disability

In order to get a TDP (Total & Permanent Disability), your next medical review must be 5 to 7 years from your last medical review. If you have a review that does not state when your next medical review is, go to your local social security office and ask for a Benefits Query which states when your next review is. If it is 5 to 7 years, the SSA will automatically send a notice to your lender for a discharge. If you do not get a Benefits Query, regardless of your medical review length, they will not inform your lender. Apparently they intentionally fail to state when your next medical review will be if it is 5 to 7 years for those holding student loan debt. If I had not done this, my loans would have not been discharged as of today.

Hi! Where’s the best place to get TDP information-? I think I may qualify, but am not 100% sure-

The Department of Educations website.

I’m assuming for mental health they make it nearly impossible to get a discharge. I looked into getting disability benefits for my severe chronic depression and anxiety and it looked like a nightmare