Student Debt Strike

Please let me know whether I should post this somewhere else (this site is confusing – I’m new). I am one of the MANY people who mathematically cannot repay my student debt during my lifetime. If and when student debt payments are reinstated, I will not pay. For those who are with me, how can we organize this?

Welcome! You’re in the right place. Maybe you’d like to join in on some of our calls? Have you seen this thread? Upcoming Debt Collective Calls

I’m in the same position. Have you gotten any feedback? I’m all in on a strike.

Awesome! Welcome to the community @annemariethweatt& @stephaniekass07! Yes, there are upcoming calls that @Ocham linked to you that you should definitely join, and fill out our community survey so we know how you want to get involved! We’re growing our campaign and fight, and there’ll be more info in calls, email and on this forum on the different ways! So keep an eye here for more.

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Of course I saw the link the day after the last-scheduled call. Do you guys have another call scheduled?

I haven’t really run the idea past anyone, but I have mentioned it several times to my parents. They’ve stood by the line of “we repaid our debts, you have to repay yours” type of thing (despite me literally showing them the data that proves comparing my debt to theirs is like apples to oranges). I get similar reactions from people who are around my age but who don’t have insanely high student debt.

So my default counterargument would be: “Yes, I took out a student loan with the expectation that I would be able to use my degree to obtain higher-paying work. That work does not exist. I’ve held up my end of the bargain by making payments, but my school and my society have not upheld their end. Would you prefer that I labor solely for the benefit of these loans for the rest of my life? For money that my school received? In addition, the immoral part of this equation is the fact that teachers need to take out loans to fund their education, not my refusal to repay.”

Hey! Since I missed the last call by a couple of days, I’ll be sure to check out your notes and fill out the community survey. I’m looking to get as involved in this as possible. In all seriousness, what’s happened/happening to us, this rebranding of a peonage class with a mainstream-friendly name - “student debt” vs. what it actually is, debt bondage - I want to change this. This has to change. There are so many of us, and it breaks my heart. I’ve got a pretty eclectic and not-too-shabby skill set, lots of time, and oceans of resolve to this cause. I’d love to contribute however and wherever I can be useful. Thanks!