Student Debt Strike in 2019?

What you need to do is go to the “Dispute your Debt” portion of this website. There you can find tools to fight this fraudulent debt.


I would definitely join this campaign


Hi. I’m very interested in organizing a student debt strike. I was part of an attempt to do so years ago that eventually turned into the rolling jubilee.

I put out a call for people to participate with a video I made for my youtube channel and found a web developer willing to work on a platform I have in mind. Basically, it would be a platform where people pledge not to pay their student debt once enough people take the pledge.

But I see a lot issues to deal with that require collaboration, both for organizing and to structure the strike effectively. How many people need to participate for it to work? That seems like the biggest one. But there are a lot more. It seem like you are doing something similar and I would love to get involved.


Hi Greg. Welcome to the Debt Collective! Thanks for this video. It’s really interesting. I’m glad you’re into the idea of a student debt strike. You should know that an idea like the one you described (where people pledge to go on strike once a certain number of others agree to do the same) was already conducted during the occupy wall street movement. @Thomas_Gokey and I were part of that group. Here are some links:

As you can see from reading these old articles, the idea was widely regarded by the media as kind of silly. Those of us who worked on it were not taken seriously. And, as you point to in your video, the technology wasn’t really there at the time to facilitate it.

Recently, though, since Sen Warren announced her plan to cancel most student debt, some reporters have started to look back more favorably on our past organizing work:

As for organizing a new student debt strike or pledge, we love the idea. Why not organize it here on this platform? We are working on it, in fact. But would love some help from this thread.

Can folks here who want to see a collective action by student debtors to demand full relief weigh in here?

-Should we make a PLEDGE, like the kind we launched in 2011, where people say they will stop paying their loans at some point in the future?

-Should we start a strike NOW and allow people who are in default to say so and to encourage others to join?

-Should we have more of a movement-building initiative where people come on board who are interested in working on a campaign but where we work out the details later?

Thanks for all your input!


thanks for the quick response.

I definitely think a pledge makes the most sense.


Yes I think we need to show the numbers of people in debt because of student loans. I think showing the enormity of it and the patterns of abuse.

Whether or not we are able to mobilize masses of people who are currently oppressed by this business model is an undertaking - but I believe we need to do something on a massive scale like a campaign to call on a national Default Event, or sit-ins at State Departments of Education (for negligence and lack of oversight).

Have demands that include rejecting solutions that offer ‘forgiveness’ - only abolition. Demand oversight committees for these Federal Programs. Demand investigations into the practices of these Private Corporations handling our Federal Loans retroactively.

I know for a fact that there have been whistle blowers within these corporations that have come forward in court. I am not sure if this link will work - or is appropriate for this thread - delete is it is not. Dropbox - Link not found

I suppose I am trying to expose the systematic predatory practices that are hiding in plain site with impunity. And the number of people affected, with identical stories, is astronomical! There are a lot of us.
I was also working with Occupy and Strike Debt. : )


I like the idea of a pledge and an official start date. I know many of us are already striking in various ways, so maybe the pledge page or splash page can have a breakdown of what a strike really means. It doesnt necessarily mean a default. Its just anything that stops the money transfer. So $0 ibr, borrower defense, forbearance, etc are all valid ways to strike. I think more people would get on board if they understood they could do it strategically without having defaults on their credit reports. I hate credit reports, but we can get more people on board if they are realizing they dont have to ruin their credit to participate.


we can also maybe have original strikers make videos about the successes their striking has brought about. The Corinthian folks who have seen theirs discharged through organizing and striking would be powerful and the videos could tie in with the debt crisis at large and how those schools only existed because of how broken higher ed is.

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Hi y’all,

Just wanted to say that absolutely, I want to join a campaign to stop paying my student loans with other debtors across the U.S.


Good day community.

Here is a link to the Student Debt Community Page for discussing and sharing information about the new announcement on the Bill #cancelstudentdebt.

Please head over to the link above and share your thoughts, questions, ideas…


Yes, I haven’t paid anything on my loans in quite some time


Hi. Yes, we have conducted debt clinics with partners around the country. Did you have an organization in mind?

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I’m in CA and would be interested. We were able to get the majority of my husband’s loans discharged, but I don’t know why I waited until a year later to file. Now, I’m waiting a year and a half later for an answer. Ridiculous!

Any updates on this?

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Hello! There will be an update in a few weeks. Stay tuned! And please ask people you know in debt to join this community. Thanks.

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Bump. updates please?

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Hi Beth! There will be an update in the fall about how people can use this platform to help organize a strike. In the meantime, we need to get as many people as possible to sign up to this platform. One way to encourage people to join is to share our tools. People can dispute almost any debt in collections on the tools page. Thanks for your help organizing!


It’s now October. Is there any news?

organizers are working on this! more soon!!



Hello Folks!!! :wave:

:loudspeaker: Who here is READY TO TAKE ACTION to win #College4all and Full Cancellation of all 1.6 Trillion in student debt??? We are working hard behind the scene getting the platform ready to launch next steps and actions… in the meantime we do have an easy and simple call to action for those willing to participate.

Who is on STRIKE and NOT MAKING PAYMENTS on their student debt?
• You are actively refusing payment. Loans are delinquent or in default.
• Your loans are in Forbearance or Deferment Status.
• Your IBR is $0 a month.

If this is you, can you send me @Dawn_L :camera_flash: picture of yourself and :thought_balloon: 1-2 lines on why you are on strike.

For example,
My name is Dawn L. and I am on strike because I know we have a right to education without this reckless burden of debt. I am fighting for full cancelation of all student debt because I know we all have been defrauded, regardless of what school we went to.

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