Student Debt Strike in 2019?


I would join right away, I don’t hold student debt anymore, but I feel so strong about this, especially as all my friends are in UCSC it have finished and still can’t get a job or one that pays enough to pay back their loan . I watch them struggle to decide wether they feed themselves or pay their loan.
The amount of story’s and hardships I have to hear over people and their student debt is too much, I’m so game for this!


@Ann_Larson I’m curious if the Debt Collective does any coordinating with local financial justice organizations?


I’m also in DC and happy to help.


Yes will join, also hoping to have a weekly 10 minute spot on local radio station all about debt—interviews with locals who are struggling with debt (I’m in Troy, NY) and also state and national figures/experts/organizers. If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed, please feel free to contact.

I was involved in occupy, started an arts and labor group, but had a lot of crossover with strike debt and others. Happy to spread the word to them.


I am absolutely 100% in for MICHIGAN, please keep me updated.


My personal belief in long term following of strike debt! back to my membership in Occupy Harrisburg and I contributed ten dollars live to the rolling jubilee on the premiere day…
anyway I plan to pay off all my debt by the time I retire at age 55-70 or when I choose to retire if I live that long. My way of striking debt is to, as I have done, never borrow in the system again. My only loans have been interest free small amounts with friends since s17 as encouraged by the debt resisters operations manual and they all will be paid back by the end of the year and they all are ok with this. I choose to not borrow. The only loans I will accept ever again are either from my life insurance or for a mortgage or car. No credit card borrowing. No suckering by the banks such as Wells Fargo whom STILL just this year aggregiously gave me a fifteen dollar fine while I paid a dollar at least once every other week on my debt.
What’s important here is I am in with every minute not sleeping, at work, volunteering, or at my recovery treatment and events committed to getting started a Harrisburg, PA chapter of this meeting in person. I am willing to use my own money to do this, and if we collectively decide I should not at least 5 or 10 will be donated here as we struggle on. Even in my Christian faith I sing , ‘We are a gentle angry people on our knees. When I fall on my knees with my face to the rising sun oh Lord have mercy on me.’ I remain nonviolent and we must remain nonviolent or we all will be illegitimized in our voices. so…