Student Debt Release Tool: B**** Better Have Our Money

Hi all, it’s incredible!

You can individually submit an appeal to the Department of Education requesting your federal student loans be cancelled! We know they have the power to cancel it, use this Student Debt Release Tool to DEMAND the cancellation of your federal student debt and everyone else’s.

We just launched this tool on Monday and thousands have filled it out, have you?

Let us know how did you share it on social media, where have you seen it in the news? Have you shared it with your old college friends?


I filled it out and submitted it yesterday. Thank goodness for the final draft so I could go back to make changes. Quite the process to construct.
I sent the Facebook link of the DC website to every one of my students I follow (last grad year was 2009) and will do that on LinkedIn too. Also sent the link to some fellow students from my Antioch group back in the day (I guess you would say!).

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