Start a Debt Collective chapter in Harrisburg?

I’m trying to find people in the Harrisburg area is interested in starting a Debt Collective chapter. This would be a perfect space because of the proximity to politicians and it is also an area greatly affected by student debt and other economic disadvantages.

@nathanonline Can you email me at winter@debtcollective so we can set up a phone call?

I work on the national staff but also am part of the Philly chapter and am super excited to talk about Harrisburg!!

Anyone else from @Pennsylvania live in Harrisburg?

Hi, my name is Amanda. I live in Carlisle, Pa. I am new to Debt Collective. I am interested in starting a local support group for people to talk about what student loan debt peonage feels like and how it is affecting them psychologically. I would definitely be interested in organizing with you.

My direct email address is