Sign my petition to cancel Sallie Mae loans

Hi everyone,

I have been battling Sallie Mae ever since they rose my monthly payment from left field so I decided to start a petition to cancel Sallie Mae loans for their corrupt practices. Please consider signing my petition and sharing it with your friends and family.

My petition here:

Thank you

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Hi @Life-Help-Express , are these private student loans by any chance? If you want to DM me with the notification that they are raising your monthly payment I’d be happy to take a look at it with you. I can’t guarantee there will be anything we can do about it.

If these are federal student loans then I think the only reason they would raise your monthly payment would be if your repayment plan is tied to your income, or perhaps some additional paperwork needs to be filed.

A petition isn’t going to hurt anything, but I think it would be more effective to contact your senators and representative and encourage them to cosponsor the College For All legislation. We are organizing that here: Organizing to win College For All

Thank you for the group suggestion, but this “College for All” thing will apply to Gen Z and future generations. What about the lost generation of millennials who were burdened by the Great Recession and are the “lost generation” in America…the first generation to do worse than their parents? Something needs to be done.

Yes, my loan is a private loan.

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The College For All legislation doesn’t just look forward (making all public colleges and universities tuition free), it also looks backwards by cancelling all $1.7 trillion dollars of existing student debt, including your private student loans. So this directly benefits you, even as it benefits all of us since we all benefit when other people in our society get an education and can reach their full potential.

After all, education is a public good.

If you want to DM me the notification that Sallie Mae sent about raising your payment I can take a look at it and see if there is anything that can be done. There may or may not be. We’d need to look at the actual paperwork to tell. But even if there can’t be anything to reduce your payment now, winning College For All does one better, it just eliminates this debt and all other student debt! It’s worth fighting for!