Should I go back to a nonprofit job for potential forgiveness?

Hi there, I’m new to the community and am a strong believer that student debt should be canceled. It would change my life forever to have my $77K forgiven. I’m thinking about leaving my corporate job to go back to the nonprofit sector (have 7 years in my background). Has anyone had success in getting loans forgiven after going back with the changes made? Or is it too much of a mess with the documenation? (I did income-based payments before and was told they don’t qualify). Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Morgan,
You can move for a non-profit organization, government, federal agencies, tribal government (colleges or universities as a faculty). You can go for the IBR and PSLF. They offer 120 payments and forgiveness after that (A total ten years payment or before if you pay something extra). I am not recommending teaching in K-12 because as a teacher is given between $ 7,500 to $ 5,000 forgiveness.
Check this link Federal Student Aid