Should I even bother filling out a Borrower’s Defense


I’m not trying to be snarky, but it’s 2:04 in the morning where I live and I’m up thinking about my student loans (Citi never sleeps and neither do I, now) instead of sleeping, again. I am starting to write a borrower defense. But, I’m wondering does it cover public and private loans? How long do I have to file one?

OK, so I don’t really think it will help me, but I’m trying to do everything I can right now to work on this problem instead of giving up.

I got an email about how a lot of these are waiting for judgement and have been for a long time. But, I need to sleep soon and is there a deadline to turn one in? I can’t write it all in one sitting because the story about my student loans and why I am them is traumatic to recount. I am hoping to do this in a therapist’s office.

Can someone please tell me when I need to do this by? I know this doesn’t make sense, but my anxiety is telling me that I need to do this now and somehow do everything right now to try to get out of my situation. I’m kind of stuck in a mental loop right now. Can someone tell me if there is a deadline? I’m really freaking out that I won’t be able to file one in time for some reason.

Today, I saw the classic play White Christmas with a family member kind enough to pay for me to go (I hate how I’m a charity case). But, there’s a song in there about how if you can’t sleep, count your blessing instead of sheep. So, I will end this on a positive note. I am grateful for my daughter, the people who love me, and that I have a roof over my head.

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Should I just send in a partial one now to stop my anxiety attack?

OK, I don’t even know how to do this or information about who has my loans or what to do. I’m going to check this the next time that I think I can risk an anxiety attack. Can someone please tell me how to file a defense when I don’t even know who has my loans? I have heard that the federal government owns both kinds now? Also, my co-signer pays x amount every month and they consider him paid as agreed, but I’m in default on all of mine on all my credit reports for like 10 years. Holy shit, I don’t even know where to begin :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

how about we get on a call. We can talk through the process.
I totally understand the anxiety around this.
I will explain more about the process and why students are waiting…etc.

I will send you a private message with my #.

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What school did you attend?
Public or private for-profit?

I attended a private for profit school and you?

They were owned by EDMC then were sold to Dream Center Education holdings. Who is no longer in business

Same here Alta colleges AKA Westwood, closed as well.

Some of the campuses closed mine was online

In my opinion, loans from closed/defunct institutions loans have to be forgiven.
I know for a fact Betsy devious is waiting on the election results, that’s why she is stalling.


Or schools that mislead their students

All for profits are misleading, education is just business to them. Profit and education should be separate.
When this fake economy crashes( it will) and we’re in a major recession, no one will be paying any stupid student loan, food will be the priority.
It will force their hand just like the mortgage and bank crisis of 2008.

Yes its wrong they take advantage of innocent people. I was almost done with my degree just to find this out

I wrote to my state rep(MD) he’s complained about the student crisis and wants a change.
Never got a reply tho, wrote it back in March.

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@wiz11 that is awesome. Keep writing!!! and reach out to people on the platform that are in your district. What about checking out your reps schedule and going to a town hall?

I went to one for the first time here in Nevada. Rep. Susie Lee, who the debt collective has been writing to on the Education and Labor committee, answered my question.
Her response was weak as hell. That gives me ever more to say when I write to her again.
I am going to reach out to the Nevada channel and see whose here that wants to write in with me. It would even be cool to collect letters then go to her office and deliver them in person.


A lot of my college buddies have given up, I try to pep talk, and motivate them but they feel defeated with the debt and are indifferent thinking nothing will change. They want me to be the experimental guinea pig in this loan defense experiment. There is too much fatalism going around, I tell them all the time It is just numbers on a piece of paper! Also screw the DOE! Bunch of self serving hypocrites.

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Closed/defunct institutions need to be cleared.

That is highway robbery that they are not allowing these loans to be purged.

I dont care that some taxpayers will be on the hook, when I am on the hook for all kinds of things for others on my taxes.

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my sentiments exactly, brother. We pay taxes for useless programs and people that abuse the system.
For profit schools need/have to be forgiven our degrees are utterly non-existent.

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@jsussex did you get the info you were looking for? I’d love to hear because I feel similarly - went to a private school but not for-profit, have private and federal loans, and have been asking myself the same question! [oh and also waking up late at night from stress lolsob :upside_down_face: )

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