Share your story with a reporter?

Hi. Looking for any student debtors who are willing to talk to a reporter about how dangerous it is that Biden is restarting student loans in January. Specifically debtors in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania, California, Mississippi, Alabama or Kansas.


I live in Philly and would be willing to help!

I live in Connecticut and would love to give my account. I also am a writer for a local newspaper.

I live in Georgia and am willing to talk.

I live in Scranton and I am organizing an event in January as part of the week of protest organized through the Debt Collective. Please get in touch with me through my email at - I would love to discuss my story and plans for action in Scranton, PA on January 22nd!

Hello, I’m in Melbourne, Florida, am a single Caregiver for my 92 year old Grandfather, work a job and an Apprenticeship and would be willing to discuss student loan debt. Email me with details

I’m open to sharing.

I live in Kansas. I can contribute.

I am from South Carolina and I will. My email is

North Carolina here and I’m happy to contribute.