Seeking Advice on Debt Negotiation Strategies

Hi Everybody,

I am new here and searching for some direction. I am presently managing a sizable amount of student loan debt and credit card debt. Managing everything has been extremely stressful, and I am feeling somewhat overwhelmed. I’ve read a lot about different tactics for negotiating with loan servicers and creditors, but I am not sure where to start. I also read this article:

Has anybody had any success with negotiating lower interest rates or setting up more manageable payment plans ? What approaches have worked best for you ? I am especially keen on hearing about any specific techniques or tips that you found helpful during the negotiation process.

Also, if there are any resources or organizations that you would recommend, I would greatly appreciate it. I am hoping to get back on track and reduce some of this financial burden. Any advice or shared experiences would be incredibly valuable to me.

I appreciate your assistance and support in advance.