San Diego organizing?

Is there a San Diego chapter already? I don’t see a list of chapters anywhere on the site.




Putting you in touch with @Sanders_Fabares

Hi Dorothy,

There is a San Diego chapter that is just starting to form now. We’re still in the early stages , but there are about 8 people so far that have said that they are dedicated to joining. We have not done much outreach so far, but we expect to start ramping that up via social media pages in the next month.

During covid we are going to start having some group zoom calls to strategize about what we can do on the local and national level.

I know that the Debt Collective is working on having a list of chapters soon. Since things are in the beginning stages I think they are waiting for at least a few chapters to solidify. Feel free to email me at and I will add you to the current mailing list we have going.


@sesami Hi Dorothy. Just wanted to circle back and see if you wanted to join the San Diego chapter. I have a new email address that I am using to organize with. Please send me a message at:

we are starting our chapter calls this month and we would be glad to have you with us!

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