Response from AG's re: Group Discharge Application Request


Feel free to let me know if I should remove or move this post elsewhere… I just got off the phone with the Washington State AG’s office.
They called in response to the Group Discharge Request submission I sent through their website 2 DAYS AGO. Very quick. And I’m not even a current constituent! I used the template provided and added my own story about being defrauded by ITT Tech and it continuing with Navient. He gave me an update on WA’s actions around for-profit fraud cases etc. He didn’t sound very hopeful as their hands are tied on a lot of fronts. ITT Tech is a particular challenge for them. But they are listening and collecting information! He did ask my permission and will be passing along my information to the CFPB regarding a Navient case they are working. He said WA is also working their own info gathering on a case regarding Navient; if you are currently from WA and have had struggles with Navient, I would encourage you to contact the AG’s office, voice your story and get on their witness list (if you would want to).

I applaud WA for their quick response. I sent a similar letter to my current AG in Delaware about a month ago and am still awaiting a response.


@rhae, could you do us a favor and contact them again and ask if they have a direct email address? We have a lot more students that can send letters, but we need an actual email address.


@Robbie_Tribble They didn’t have a generic email they would give me (that’s just their online submission setup) but this is who I talked to about the For Profit and Navient items. He says he typically handles these items for the AGs office.

Craig J. Rader
Assistant Attorney General │ Consumer Protection Division
Washington State Attorney General’s Office
800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 442-4482


Sweet, thank you @rhae