Request for Copies of Documents I Originally Filed

I received the same type of denial as most for Borrowers Defense. I filed March 2017 and received a denial August 2020.

After hearing from another former student that she requested her original docs that she submitted and the ED only sent her less than half the docs she originally sent in as supporting evidence, I decided I should request the same.

I filed my dispute yesterday and this morning sent a request to obtain my original application, supporting letter and documents. The ED responded to my email within minutes.

They sent me my original application, my dispute letter and a mix of original and dispute documentation. At this point, I have no idea what they originally reviewed. I had strong evidence and if they never looked at it and I sent my diapite in with secondary docs…i just feel like my point and proof was completely missed.

Now what should I do?

I’m so frustrated.


How did you go about requesting this, I want to apply again. This time maybe I can find more info to include, not sure if that’s possible cause I included almost everything even the student handbook that we were required to redesign.

I sent an email to the Dept of Ed requesting it.